Posted by: ronjel3 | February 14, 2010

I Saw them Kissing

It was in the middle of the day when I saw them kissing under the heat of the sun. I really amazed that even Cats have their own way to express their love to their fellow cats. No comment about that, well it’s a love month. Anyone can express love, make love, and find love ones.

And when we say love, it’s in the Air, through the love songs that we heard each day. Through the rhythm of the songs, I feel in love with someone else, it’s Cupid who hit my heart.  Once I heard a song entitled beautiful girl, I remember some unforgettable moments that is happen into my love life. I searched on YouTube to find some music video related to beautiful girl, and I really have it.

Beautiful Girl, I searching for you, I know to in love again after a      long long while, I in love again. It’s a destiny’s game. Beautiful Girl.


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