Posted by: ronjel3 | November 4, 2009

Harvest and Thanksgiving Celebration 09

East Villaflores Evangelical Church, East Villaflores Maayon Capiz hold their Harvest and Thanksgiving Celebration last Nov. 1, 2009  Sunday.  It is an expression of God’s Faithfullness to us as member of the Church. In return we celebrate this to glorify and honor God.Every year our Church is holding this event between the month of March and October(depending to the schedule). Pastor Stephen Alquisa, as one of our invited guest speaker for this celebration, together with JESUS TOUCH MINISTRY staff. A lot of testimonies from selected persons that catch everybody’s attention, a statement that can change people and once they heard they will never be the same again.  We give thanks to GOD not only of the blessings we receive from Him, but for the victorious experience with HIM. A lot of visitors who came and hear the word of GOD through His servant.  ” Why we give thanks? Because we are special people choose by GOD.

to be continued……………………………………


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