Posted by: ronjel3 | August 3, 2009


Last August 1, 2009 a shocking news from different radio and TV station, was been aired that former President Corazon Aquino was pass away in the age of 76. People all over the Philippines and even here in our locality in Capiz, are waiting, for the full coverage regarding former President Aquinos remain. AQUINOFrom the stories, comments that I heard, it prompted me to write this article as a tribute to former President Corazon Aquino. According to my father that President Aquino was been elected as the 11th President of the Republic of the Philippines and during her time of Presidency a lot of development was been implemented. Such as the fast and efficient way of processing registry of deeds and make some land titles, which my father is one of the recipients. I’ve known her as a very spiritual person for she asks the blessings and guidance from every decision she have made. Unlike in the previous and current administration that the development is very slow. It was in the administration of President Corazon Aquino, that the “1987 Constitution” has been officially known and introduced to the People. And Finally President Aquino was the First Woman President in Asia and 1st Woman President of the Republic of the Philippines. A Model, A Mother and a President have finally held the Hands of our Creator.


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