Posted by: ronjel3 | July 29, 2009

“A Response to Christian Emphasis Week”

Every Semester Filamer Christian College  hold a Christian Emphasis Week Celebration . The theme for this semester is Who Am I, based from the book of Psalm 8. 5. and Who Am I by casting crown as our Themesong. I am so blessed to be one of the FCC Praise Team  Member for this Semester, for I know that we are doing this to Glorify and Honor God as the source of every talent that we have. Being a Praise Team Member is not a joke for it is passion and commitment to serve GOD .Ilo_Ilo_Philippines_024[1]As a student and ambassador of God soon, the joy in my heart to hear the words of  God through his servant, cannot be paid by any financial means. Who am I to neglect God’S purpose in my life, I am nothing in this world if he doesn’t allow me to live. I gained more ideas on how to become an effective servant of God, on how to deepen the relationship  with God and how to deal with his Creation. Before, my life is so weird and busy to do things that is not pleasing to the eyes of GOD,  I do cheating with my friends, doing something that could embarrased other people. But God is so great  He donot allow me to stay in the darkness or to do evil things. And He find ways to lift me up, and away from sin. GOD BLESS US.


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