Posted by: ronjel3 | June 16, 2009

Mag-olot Falls Resort

Since the promotion of  Tourist spot in the Province of Capiz is in demand. Mag-olot Falls Resort in East Villaflores Maayon Capiz is soon to be rised. In fact the owner of the Falls had a plan to open it in public next year. The Cottages, Swimming  Polls, Kayaks, and other amenities should be built.ronjel-delfin-054 Mag-olot Falls Resort is located on the Southern Portion of the Barangay. But this year we will be starting up to build the Cottages. We will raise funds, to make the project be possible. One of our vision in making this resort is to encourage our fellow kabarangays to invest and sell some native products, and to help them in earning extra income . We expect the Tourist , Guest, and Visitors all over the Philippines and even abroad to stay and experience the amazing breeze of our resort,and  to taste the freshness of  Buko Juice. resBecause we all know that the potentials of the Mag-olot Falls Resort will have a big contribution to the Tourism Industry of Maayon, and the Capiz Province. But we still need the support of the Capiz  Government in improving the roads from the proper going to the Mag-olot Falls Resort. Further announcement will be post soon.thumbnail



  1. wow, hope dat it will be implemented soon at East Villaflores Maayon, its a big tourist spot that I ever seens at Maayon I will be going to Support the Mag-olot Falls Resort

  2. di ba maraming NPA diyan sa Villa Flores

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