Posted by: ronjel3 | June 9, 2009

One of MY Experiences in Boracay

Last May 2009 we been to Boracay Island Philippines for a special trip. Indeed a group of 13th person who joined  the said retreat. For the first time we finally reached  the island.Walking at white sand of the beach and looking fo some tourist spots and engaging the business inside the island.The IslandBoracay Island In Boracay we saw a lot of foreigners, actresses, like Victor Basa, The Palanca Brothers, and many more.We enjoy our vacation trip for three days, we do an Island hopping, with my ka-groupmates, and nourishing the inner beauty of the Boracay Island, Yes we know that our vacation is not complete without the pasalubong so we drop at the the Talipapa to bought some pasalubong like bags, T-Shirt, Shorts, Caps, necklace and many more.The Island And then in our final night we been to the Eat All You can Store, to taste the mouth watering foods, and seafood of the Island. And May 3, we finally leave the Island with a great joy in our Heart.



  1. its amazing talaga gusto kung bumalik

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