Posted by: ronjel3 | September 18, 2008

My CD Collection

cd Collection Every person have its own characteristics, its own style and hobbies. Collecting songs and song books is one of my interests. I have been collecting Cd’s which included POP music, praise and worship songs and many more. In fact I used one of those cd’s in a contest, in school and in church.

My high school life enhanced me most in collecting those gadgets. Every time we have our singing contest my teacher was choosing  me to become a great contender. And the moment I deliver a song I always feel nervous but still I can overcome it. 

The Album of Eric Santos, Gary Valenciano, Piolo Pascual, Jose Marie Chan, and Hillsong United are very important to me. When I know that the above artist release their Cd’s I lend a money to my brother and he bought me one copies for my  collection.

cd imageLast year during the Search for Mr. and Ms. High School I rendered a serenade to the contestants which made  me glad out of my performance.  I remember before that when I joined for the search I choose singing as my talent and it made me won occupying a sets as Mr. High School. “Be my lady” is the title of the song I sung. Everytime I heard these,  playing in a radio I recall all the memories as I performed live and criticized by the audience.

That is why my weakness is collecting cds even it is expensive, I tried my best to have a copy of it. To those who  can read this, I hope you could express it in your own situation, practice the talent that you have that can make improve your personality.


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