Posted by: ronjel3 | September 16, 2008

My First Ride in Ferris wheel

Ferris WheelEvery month of February the Town of Maayon Celebrates its Annual Religious Fiesta. Hil-o Hil-o is the the name of our Festival. As a remote place of Maayon (East Villaflores) I tried to experiences on how to ride with a ferris wheel. As the Celebration starts  I and my brother went to the plaza to experience a ride in a ferris wheel.

When we reached the place, we bought a ticket from the ticket booth and wait for our turned to sat on the Ferris Wheel Chair. A minute passed by and we exactly hit the sets for us. As the operator started to push the go button of the Ferris Wheel Engine suddenly I feel nervous because I feel that Im in Heaven. When we reach the top of the Ferris Wheel I saw some mountains, beautiful houses, Streets and ,  many more and I was so amazed for what I saw.

When our time expired, we exit from the Ferris Wheel booth an d share for the things, feelings that we experienced. As I concluded that riding in a Ferris Wheel for the First TIme allow my self to explore and discover things which is unsual. What ever the experiences we have ,still its a part of our life were we embraced and looked back it someday.


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