Posted by: ronjel3 | September 11, 2008

Working abroad?Why not!

In LondonWhen I was in my Senior Class during High School. I used to join in a Search for Mr. and Ms. High School. During the interview portion, the question that I picked was “ What is your greatest dream and ambition in  life?”. And my answer is “ I want to finish my studies to help my family and to land a stable job. This question and answer are still fresh to my mind. The concept here is the greatest dream ambition.

All of us had a greatest dream and ambitions in life.   For me, it is to land a stable job and if ever there is a chance – work abroad and if given a chance, I prefer to work in London for this is my greatest dream place. Not only for a good salary but also for the style of government they have. Unlike here in the Philippines, jobs are too little but in London there are employers who seek for competitive kind of workers.

I believed that reaching our common goals is depending on how we strive hard. The chance is come and go. The opportunities always knock but we us people can’t noticed it.

As a true Filipino and a Capiceño, we are the worlds explorer, and the hunter. Don’t lost hope, for today is sacrifice and tomorrow is paradise.


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