Posted by: ronjel3 | September 11, 2008

In my Grand Mother’s House

Imagination, dreams and scary movies are things that could affect our personal values. Some people are pretending that they are brave but deeps inside they are afraid.
Funeral home is a place that I scare about. And even a casket or a cadaver if I saw one of this I feel nervous and afraid.


Back in 1997 when my grand mother was died her remains was lie in their house. We as grand children are obliged to stay in my grand mother’s house to entertain the guest who came. I could not escape from this obligation because it was my grandmother.

One night when our families doing their vigil, my auntie call me to wipe the crystals of my grand mother casket, then I try to escape.

My Auntie scolded me that I don’t need to be afraid to my grand mother’s remain cause it was already dead. I said that even she is dead, her image is like a monster. And I imagined her faced every angle of our house. Then she understands why I escape from fixing my grand mothers casket. I bear it in my mind, that my grand mother understood my situation.


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