Posted by: ronjel3 | September 10, 2008

The Mag-olot Falls “Its Amazing “

mag-olot falls

mag-olot falls

In the beginning the made the earth, land the sea and the species around it. Nature  is a gift from God to people that should be preserved. The falls of Mag-olot situated in East Villafores Maayon Capiz is one of the most visited places in our village and nearby barangay.  Surrounded by some fruit bearing trees like coconut, bananas and so many more are the reason  why the falls attract most by visitors.

In fact 300-500 meters away from the road, and you can reach this amazing falls. Many explorers and nature tripers  are visiting the site to capture the beauty of the falls. According to my father the owner  of the falls that  last year a group of student came from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas came here to take some pictures.

Rocks and big stone, small fishes can be visible at the bottom part of the falls. And we  know that it can be differentiated among of those active falls all over the province of capiz. We hope that we could improved the site and can cater the need especially the tourist who came here.



  1. its amazing can we go there

  2. Nice post

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