Posted by: ronjel3 | September 10, 2008

For the First Time I had been Intimidated

Intimidated by bossFor me intimidation is a reaction for every situation that is done wrong.  As work student , I need to improved my patience, mind should be alert, and your job will be done correct. Last june 2006 when I entered to college, a lot of things bother me most, a lot of question remained unanswered. I accept as a work student and assigned in an office  here at Filamer Christian College.

As a first timer  to work in the office , I could not recognized the tasked and adopt the situation in working area.  One day  a student asked me about an information which I didn’t really know. Then I feel cramming if ever I give a wrong information, I will undergone a disciplinary action. A minute past and a student remained unanswered by me.

 Suddenly  I was been scolded by maam xx, and she said some bad words that can make me stupid. She rise her voice in front of many people and she added that Im ignorant. This situation had intimidates me most. I bear it in my mind that whatever the negatives feedbacks I heard from her I will remain and be more productive  for the task assign to me.


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