Posted by: ronjel3 | September 9, 2008

Aeta’s where you came from?

Aetas Place

Aetas Place

10 years ago our place  here in East Villaflores Maayon Capiz had visited by some aeta’s .They were about 25 members and finding a place where in they can build their houses. As a native and visited by some strangers, we welcome them and one of our brgy, officials offered his lot as a temporary place where they can live.

Our church Pastor prompted us to had a visit particurly where the Aeta’s live. It was a sunday  at 2 pm in the afternoon a day which we scheduled for visitation we brought some can goods and rice for them. One of the natives who talk to us is  “Mang Berning” according to him that they went to our place for have some exposure and in their culture every cycle of the year they need to live the placed and evacuate again.

Mang Berning a 52 years old Aeta said that when he was a child he was also finding a place with his parents just like what they do as of now. Some of their companions had been burried to a place where they located at present, others have died due to unwanted pregnancy. But still we are  FiIipino people but have different culture Mang Berning added.

As I observed, they are happy for what they are. like a campers they do some task and helping one another to survived. They offer their hands to us if in case we need help particularly in carrying some bamboos for our church building.  And  later  I heard the news that they evacuate  and lived our place as their usual behavior.


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