Posted by: ronjel3 | September 3, 2008

Typhoon that Kills Hundreds of People

In Iloilo
In Iloilo

Thousands of people lost their lives, thousands of pesos spent for the damages that typhoon frank made. As of now some provinces and municipalities are trying to recover from the said typhoon. Crisis in food, lack of water supply, absences of electrical power are some difficulties that we experience, mostly in Iloilo. In fact, two of their water systems are totally damaged. In addition to this it is being analyzed that some causes are the deforestation that people had made. Due to temperature and climate changes, typhoons happen that brought calamities and flashfloods.

At 4:00 o clock in the afternoon, in the day of June 20,2008 typhoon “Frank” devastated the whole province of Capiz and Iloilo. I decided to take a tricycle going to my brother in Dumolog. As I ride in a tricycle, a roof in a tree catched my attention and looked at it. Trees, houses, and even buildings were damaged by a strong wind of typhoon. At 6pm I reached my brother’s house and they didn’t expect that I would come inspite of the bad condition of weather and barriers along the way.

Typhoon “Frank” that cannot be forgotten by people because for them, it was another life for they survived the calamities they faced. In application to this, I believe it was a warning of our savior to us. Business, worldly knowledge, vices, and even worldly things are what people are focusing much of their time instead of praying, worshipping and giving time to the Lord.


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