Posted by: ronjel3 | September 3, 2008

My Parrot

My ParrotMy brother in Law bought a two baby parrot last august 18,2008 in Negros.  He brought it in our house and every morning I am obliged to feed them. Each parrot cost 400 plus their food.They love to eat cerelac and they look lively if they can eat. Every morning as I wake up I call their attention and ill keep on talking with them. They only respond with their small voice.

Last monday I feel shock when I know that one of the parrots where found dead. Maybe its because of the temperature in our house which is to very cold every midnight until morning. Now only one parrot were left and we take care of it.

 We feed cerelac and put it inside the basket for he can feel warm and mildly hot. Its easy to raise them according to my uncle if they grow bigger they can easily remember the words that people can teach them. They recall and say it as long as they can. That is why I love to have a parrot for they relieve problems and they can give joy to the people around them


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