Posted by: ronjel3 | September 2, 2008

In Gaisano City Roxas

 With Jollibee    On August 1998 my mother brought me to Gaisano City Roxas. As a kid it was my first time to reached that place. As I walk inside the mall I saw some children who plays with Jollibee, their parents take a picture as their remembrance inside the mall. As an observer, the mall was not yet completely finish. Some workers are carrying a carton of tiles going to their work place that was on the second floor.

I was amazed for the stuffed toys, a lot of groceries and so many more.  I saw some customers who carry a lot of groceries and pay it to the counter. I said thatit  was the biggest mall I saw to my whole life. At 4pm in the afternoon. My mother bought me an ice cream, and have a picture taking with Jollibee. Playing with Jollibee exploring around the mall and so many experiences when I was a kid. Those experiences are still fresh to my mind 10 years ago.


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