Posted by: ronjel3 | September 1, 2008

A Typewriter and a Computer

Many of us believe that by using a certain device could improve and help us to lessen over time. That is why I write about the importance of a typewriter and a computer.

In the middle of 1960’s up to 1990’s some offices in schools and other related institutions are using typewriters. It is easy to operate, electrical energy is not needed, only a piece of paper, a ribbon and a correction fluid are the three most important. By using this certain device patience is absolutely needed.But times are changing more innovations was rising.

In the year of 1990’s and its succeeding years, computer technology was been introduced, the features and its component are different from a typewriter. Inventors and manufacturers says that by using a computer you can select the font style you want, you can edit, re size and so many features that a typewriter cannot do.

But these two devices have its own disadvantages, in typewriter you cannot resize and make a style for the out put that you want. While in computer, if in case the absence of electrical power will occur computer jobs cannot be made. And I suggest that by using this two devices, office works and other purposes. It can help most of the time to us whatever the brand of these devices, still it can be useful


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