Posted by: ronjel3 | August 7, 2008

A Short Introduction to my Blog

As the year passed by, a lot of things remain unnoticed. Things that sometimes, caught our attention and try to know about it. So here I am, young and willing to take challenge, to involved my self for the environment of inquisitiveness, that could answer and can give us a complete detail. My blog is all about the fields of life and how it can be useful for us. In this fast changing world, technology cannot be disregarded. In fact using a computer, some people are exploring and beyond the globe.

As a first time blogger, I will try my best to write and deliver a correct data not only for youth, but also for young adult, and for the readers that can relate for the information I share to them. Before, when I heard about blogging, a blogger, and a blog,I dont have any interest about it. And one reason is I dont like to write a certain topic or a particular situation and share it. But God is so good to me, through my professors, and other feedback, a negative outlook in writing, little by little easily disappear.
When I search some of the sites that related to blogging I appreciate and reflect my self to it. The questions that bears in my mind is what was my purpose of my complete hand and sensitive mind, if i could not make it. We all know that a lot of less fortunate people lost their senses, Yet they still survive and persevere”. But me a normal and had complete senses, did not involve in it. My dear readers, I am willing to share and give information to you, for I was inspired, to write and publish my blog for the benefit that I can made people to become happy, as they enjoy the journey of their life.

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